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FACELIFT With FACIAL IMPLANTS and other procedures
Facelift (rhytidectomy) is focused on loose, sagging skin of the lower face and neck. In the procedure, the skin and underlying tissue is pulled back and upward to “tighten” the face and neck skin. But a tightened face is not necessarily a more youthful-looking face. In fact, in some instances, the result can be a skeletonized and more aged, “operated-on” appearance because the pulling has actually accentuated the loss of youthful facial fat and structure.

Dr. Binder’s MULTI-LEVEL APPROACH to facial rejuvenation is based on the understanding that the corrective procedures needed to achieve the desired results may vary from person to person.  One individual may need a complete face and neck left while another may only requireelevation of sagging eyebrows, fat removal from the lower eyelids or correction of an early double chin. A person whose facial appearance is very weather-beaten may also benefit from a chemical peel or laser resurfacing.

As the skin begins to sag and fatty tissue layers are lost, imperfections in the contour of the face become very noticeable. Additional procedures can be performed to support or augment both the bony and soft tissue structures of the face. Flattening at the level of the cheekbones can be improved through placement of midfacial implants. Implants may also be used to enhance the contour of the chin and improve the jaw and neckline.

Emphasis on Structure and Support:

An emphasis on structure and support answers the following questions:

arrow image Will patients with enhanced or better bone structure look better?
arrow image Will patients with enhanced bone structure have a better facelift result?
arrow image Does enhanced or better underlying structure and volumetric support prevent the recurrence of the gravitational changes of aging and prolong the results of facelift?

The Levels of Facelift:

arrow image If we need support and structure, we can use - IMPLANTS
arrow image If we need to mobilize, lift and relocate sagging soft tissue and skin, we can use - FACELIFT PROCEDURES
arrow image If we need a large amount of volumetric filling and augmentation of deeper soft tissue or fat, we can use - IMPLANTS
arrow image If we need more cushion in the subcutaneous level (just below the skin), we can use - FAT GRAFTS, FILLERS or FAT INJECTION
arrow image On the surface of the skin, for wrinkling or pigmentary changes, we can use - PEELS, LASERS, DERMABRASION and FILLERS

Dr. Binder has developed a versatile array of techniques with the flexibility to provide options that effectively treat most patients with different problems. This provides the ability to design a logical course of treatment options for each and every patient and targets the problem to ensure the best possible outcome.


Custom Facial Implants—for large volumetric filling and augmentation of deeper soft tissue or facial support and structure.

Increasingly patients are choosing to have their facial structure enhanced with implants before, or in conjunction with, a facelift procedure. Volume restoration by means of mid-face augmentation in conjunction with a facelift can provide the scaffolding for the optimal re-draping of facial tissues to achieve a smoother, more youthful and natural result.

FACIAL CONTOURING: Facial Implants for adding Structure, Balance and Volume

faceimplants imgUnderstanding that proper facial proportion is a key element of an attractive and youthful appearance, Dr. William Binder uses a new generation of anatomically accurate facial implants to raise cheekbones, strengthen and lengthen chins, rebuild noses and fill hollows under the eyes. All of these techniques help to balance out the structure of the face and enhance the beautifying effect of a traditional facelift.  With his innovation of the BINDER SUBMALAR® FACIAL IMPLANT, Dr. Binder addresses one of the most vexing problems of facial aging—the loss of soft tissue in the lower half of the face.  It is a problem that is often worsened, rather than improved by a traditional facelift.  In a simple, relatively low-invasive procedure, the placement of a submalar or below the cheekbone implant fills in the lower hollows of the cheek by restoring youthful facial contours. By providing the necessary foundation or framework, it can mean the difference between looking like you’ve had a facelift or just looking younger again.(for more go

Improved Framework for an Improved Facelift

Even our younger patient, with time, may reach a point where the natural loss of soft tissue of the face and the loss of elasticity in the skin reaches a point where a facelift might be the only solution. Because that patient had already augmented their facial structure with facial implants, the framework can significantly improve the results of the facelift procedure.

Other common procedures combined with face and neck lifts to achieve a youthful and beautiful appearance may include:

Fat Grafts, Fillers or Fat Injection—for more cushion in the subcutaneous level (just below the skin).

Peels, Lasers, Dermabrasion And Fillers—for wrinkling or pigmentary changes and other improvements on the surface of the skin.

Eyebrow and Forehead Lift

William J. Binder, M.D., F.A.C.S.
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Dr. Binder pioneered the "facial contouring" approach to facelift surgery that utilizes a 3-dimensional perspective to balance facial contours and underlying structure.
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